Wang Hailing

During the past ten years Wang Hailing has earned a reputation as the number one writer of Chinese family life and marriage. Born in 1952, she joined the army at the age of 16 and served in the signal corps, medical corps, and as an amateur member of the propaganda team. In 1983, she transferred to the stage troupe of the General Political Department of Chinese People's Liberation Army as a playwright.  

Wang's novels such as "Holding Hands", " China-Style Divorce" and "New Age of Marriage"  - the so-called "trilogy of marriage"  - have been adapted into tv series and been big hits in China.  Most of her works deal with the problems of love, telling the readers the "real and cruel sides" of relationships.  She suggests that people should understand love realistically before they make their decisions, and the marriage that only focuses on "love" is not practical.  A single mother who divorced a couple of months after her own marriage, Wang's perspective draws on her own experience.