Qin Liwen

Susie Wong is the 'sex and the city' pseudonym of Chinese columnist, journalist and writer Liwen Qin. Born in Guangxi China in 1975 she studied Politics at Beijing's Institute of International Relations. After living in Singapore for two years, she started writing columns on political and social issues for websites and newspapers in mainland China.

Moving to Manhattan in 2001 she continued these columns and wrote about the September 11 attacks. She returned to China in 2002 and worked for the national business newspaper, The Economic Observer. In 2004 she was sent to cover stories in Israel and Pakistan. Liwen reported from those countries on the US attacks in Afghanistan, Middle East peace talks, death of Yasser Arafat and the European Union. Her articles and interviews are published in two books, News is Cruel and Adventures of Ideas.


In 2003 while writing for the Observer Liwen began her Suzie Wong column in The Shanghai Weekly. Her columns became the bestselling book All about S, sold across China. S standing for 'Susie, Sex and Snobbery'. The book and columns have been controversial in China. 'Suzie Wong' regularly gets angry letters of dismay from the older generation of Chinese readers.

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