Hai Yan

Hai Yan is one of those rare people to enjoy extraordinary success in more than one field simultaneously. Not only is he a legend as China's most successful commercial fiction writer of this decade, but he is also the CEO of China's luxury Kunlun hotel group. Hai Yan joined the Red Army at the age of 15, during the Cultural Revolution.

Later he was a Beijing cop, a job he had for ten years. Hai Yan was annoyed with the unrealistic way that police were portrayed in fiction at the time, and so he wrote a novel of his own. Plain-Clothes Officer, a gritty police thriller, became a runaway bestseller and launched Hai Yan's writing career.

Hai Yan started to publish The Jade Buddha in daily installments in leading Chinese paper Beijing Youth Daily in June 2002. The book immediately attracted acclaim from the readers of paper, which received a huge number of calls every day asking about the book. The novel was published by Qunzhong Publishing House later that year and went on to sell upwards of a million copies.

Hai Yan has been called China's most "dependable" writer. In the last few years he has averaged one book per year, and he has also written several screenplays. He manages his dual commitments with iron discipline, conducting his business life by day and then sitting down at around 10 p.m. to write through to 4 or 5 am.


Hai Yan has written six novels, all of which have been adapted for film or TV.This success is due to a distinctive blend of tense plot and emotional drama.

'The Jade Buddha', Hai Yan's most famous work, has gripped millions of readers - and sold millions of copies in China. The novel has a setting of the war on drugs in south-west China, which borders the 'golden triangle'.

This novel is the story of a young drugs squad agent, Anxin, whose fatal affair has disastrous consequences for the men who passionately love her. It is also the story of a young man, Yang Rui, whose passion for the mysterious Anxin wrecks his chance of happiness and draws him into a dangerous story of violence, remorse and revenge.

The story of Anxin, martial arts champion, undercover agent, and mother, has inspired numerous people. The book has been made into a TV series and movie, and there is even a manga version. A Japanese edition was published this year.