Guo Jing Ming

Born in 1983 in Zigong, Sichuan Province, best-selling writer Guo Jing Ming's style is particularly popular with Chinese teenagers: hopeless, feminine, sad, and romantic.


Guo Jing Ming's writing style is particularly popular among Chinese teenagers: hopeless, feminine, sad, and romantic. ‘Mengli Hua Luo Duoshao' (How Many Flowers Fall In My Dreams) was published at the end of 2003, and achieved the #1 position on the bestsellers list for 2004.

How Many Flowers Fall In My Dreams?

Lin Gang, Wen Jing, Gu Xiao Bei, and Bai Song are a group of second year university students in Beijing. Lin Gang and Gu Xiao Bei, due to some mistaken gossip from Bai Song, end their 6 year relationship. Even though Gu Xiao Bei takes a new girlfriend, Yao Shan Shan, Lin Gang can't forget him. However, while on a work placement with an advertising company, her colleague Lu Xu falls for her and dumps his girl friend, who turns out to be Liu Gang's friend Wen Jing.

With her life in Beijing getting increasingly complicated, Lin Gang decides to go to Shanghai, where she meets old friend Huo Chai. After Lin Gang has been working at the advertising company in Shanghai for a while however, Lu Xu is moved to the company to become her boss. Later, in another strange coincidence, when Lin Gang is taken ill Yao Shan Shan is moved down to Shanghai to replace her. Lin Gang starts to miss Beijing, and together with Huo Chai and Lu Xu, they return there. When they get back, they find that Wen Jing already has a new boyfriend: a distant cousin of Yao Shan Shan: Wu Chang Cheng.

The story takes a sinister turn when Wen Jing and Lin Gang are attacked on the street by a stranger: although Wen Jing manages to protect Lin Gang, she herself is raped. Through Hua Chai's research, they discover that they have been set up by a friend of Bai Song's: Mo LiLi . After Lin Gang learns that Yao Shan Shan and Gu Xiao Bei are engaged to be married, she goes out and gets very drunk with Lu Xu, so that they end up in hospital. More unexpected tragedy is just around the corner...