Mu Yumin

Mu Yumin's work draws inspiration from her profession as a Beijing law enforcement officer. Currently she is deputy chief in charge of security for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Her first work, published in 2001, was a collection of writing about her experiences of the police force. 'Life can be hard' (Shengming, you zhong yingdu.)


Desire to Kill' (Yunian Mosha) was published in 2002 and grew out of Mu Yumin's experiences in the criminal investigation unit and cases she had worked on. The novel was purchased by a flm company and made into a successful tv series. Mu Yumnin has also written a number of non-fiction works, many of which have been influential. 'What is the value of suffering?' (Kunan de jiazhi shi shenme?) was an account fo the expericnes of a number of Beijing police officers unjustly persecuted during the 1958 anti-rightist (Hundred Flowers) campaign. She has also written a hstory, '100 Years of Beijing Police' (Beijing Jingcha Bai Nian,) and several case studies some of which have been set texts on university law courses.