Chapter Two

Translated by: Claire Li

The police sealed off the road mouth for a whole night, but in vain.

At dawn, Wang Jing got a call from director of the bureau Chang Hongyou, saying that the new chief executive of Yuanshan district, Li Yonghe, wanted a personal report on the case. Li Yonghe's was the last name that Wang Jing wanted to hear, since he knew his reputation for murky behaviour and downright illegality. Some cases he was allegedly involved in were not criminal matters, and thus were beyond the bureau's control, while others technically fell within the remit of the bureau but they were unable to do anything about it. So even if Li Yonghe was highly suspect in Wang Jing's eyes, he was unable to expose him as a criminal. There had never been any direct connection between them before, so if anyone's it was the prosecution committee and the court's job to deal with him according to law.

Previously Li Yongye had been deputy leader of a state owned company, and therefore there had been no relationship of command between him and the police. But now that he'd become the leader of the district government, it was different. Besides taking orders from their own senior staff, the police were under the command of local government, too. This meant that Li Yonghe had very right to affect leadership of the police and thus Wang Jing.

Yuanshan area had developed together withYuanshan Oil and Chemical Engineering Company, a top-ten national-level enterprise. In theory, the function of the district government was to provide the social framework for the company and its employees, but actually, the two were hard to distinguish.

Li Yonghe’s political goal had always been to be General Manager of Yuanshan Oil and Chemical Engineering Company. However, just when it seemed that he was on the brink of success, he'd missed out. When former General Manager Qiao won promotion to the position of Vice Mayor, he tried his best to offer his old position to Li. Unexpectedly, though, another vice manager scored higher than him in a 'democratic' survey. Actually, something suspect had occurred. Just when everyone was fixated on whether the position of Chief Executive would go to Li Yonghe or his rival Gao Yu, an investigation group was dispatched by the Discipline Inspection Commission. Apparently, the commission had received an anonymous letter accusing Gao Yu of various crimes. After the investigation group had spent a fortnight at the company, General Manager Qiao reversed his attitude of support for Li Yonghe, and Gao Yu became the General Manager. The common rumour was that, having tried to gain an advantage over his opponent by underhand means, Li Yonghe had ended up losing more than he stood to gain. He couldn't stay in the company any more, but finally he was sent to be the chief executive of Yuanshan District.

The case report was made in the small meeting room at Yuanshan Police Bureau. Director Chang was sitting beside Li Yonghe. Li told Chang and Wang Jing, 'You guys just hold your meeting. I am just here to listen, only listen.'

Wang Jing first gave a detailed summary of the case: 'After positive identification from eight on-duty hospital staff last night, the dead was confirmed as Doctor Yao Ping from the high pressure oxygen room. She was 28, and was sent here to work after graduation from Beijing Medical University. At the time of her death she was in an intimate relationship with surgeon Lian Jie. Her autopsy report is ready after a whole night’s work. Following anatomical investigation, it was confirmed that she was strangled to death. The lethal weapon was something pretty thin such as rope or iron wire. The witness's report that there was no struggling also suggests that she died before she was thrown into the water. The size of the suspicious footprints found at the scene was 23 cm, made by foamed or hard plastic sole, straight-lined, not seriously worn. It suggests that the murderer was similar to the dead in physical figure and weight. The possibility that a woman committed the crime is large, which again accords with what the witness reported.'

Wang Jing sipped some water and continued: 'We recovered a stone and a ball of used black electronic wires at the spot. The wires were stained with blue paint. It is not confirmed that the stone and the wires are related to the case, but according to my observation, there were no similar stones around the lake. It is therefore likely that this stone was moved there. There were no discernable prints on the stone and wires. The fact that the stone has a smooth appearance suggests it may have come from a location where people gather together and can sit down such as residential area or market, bus stop, and roadside, rather than the pit. People would never sit there: it's not a place to linger.

'Who put the stone there? Why put it there? Well there's a ball of black electricity wire under the stone; water, stone, wires, a body; I don't think I need to say any more, you can all work out the relation between these things. We've had similar cases before where a body has been sunk in water. Yao Ping had nothing on her, her clothes didn't even have a pocket. She was in her time of the month, and there was no evidence of sexual activity before death, so we can exclude crimes motivated by opportunistic ideas such as robbery and rape. The cause and time are already established. We all know that revenge killings are generally carried out by acquaintances of the victim. If our assumptions are right, then this case is a revenge killing! Yes, and it happened when the dead was not on the alert.

p>It was very quiet. Wang Jing continued: 'The date of this case is September 19, so according to usual practice this will be case"9 19." Now everyone should be clear about our next steps. Director Chang, would you like me to assign detailed tasks?'

Director Chang nodded, 'Good, good. Just do what's in your mind.'

Wang Jing said: 'We're looking for a murderer, probably a female murderer, aged between 20 to 30 and familiar or at least acquainted with the dead. The moon last night was quite bright, so there shouldn't be that much discrepancy between the witness's report and the real facts. But of course, we can't completely eliminate the possibility of a male murderer. You know the convention, always try to find out the real situation.

'We'll divide into three groups. Wei An and Jiang Shuiqing each lead one group and conduct an investigation around the hospital to get to know Yao Ping and her boyfriend Lian Jie and their group. Wei An, your group focus on Lian Jie; and Jiang Shuiqing, your group focus on Yao Ping. Yang Li, you are to lead a group to investigate Yao Ping and Lian Jie's acquaintances outside the hospital, and also to discover the original location of that stone, and where the wires came from. Technical group, check the crime scene again today to see whether we missed anything last night, and then help hospital drain the pit to see whether there is any material evidence. Big Jin, your intelligence group should be assigned tasks according to usual practice. Try and find out what kind of shoe left the print there, and which stores in Yuanshan and areas nearby have sold it. All the groups should report progress to me in a timely manner and cooperate with each other closely. We were up all night, but give it all your effort, we will have a good sleep after this case is cracked.

After Wang Jing finished introducing the case and assigning the tasks, he asked Director Chang and Chief Executive Li to make speeches and give some instructions. Director Chang said: 'Chief Executive Li has just assumed office, and he is in charge of politics and legal matters, so he really cares about this case. Work hard, guys! Solve this case as soon as possible and don't let him down.'

Li Yonghe said, ' I've never had any dealing with you police before, so did't have a clear idea about public security work. I'd no idea that our small little Yuanshan district wasn't peaceful at all. The class enemies are running wild everywhere, and they've killed our sister. From all I've heard, the deceased Yao Ping was of good character, skillful and an excellent medical talent. We can't let her death go unpunished. We should bring the murderer to justice as a contribution to public security. I am not concerned with cost. Today I am putting RMB 10,000 on the table. When you crack the case, I will reward you all very well.'

After the meeting, people were whispering, 'This new chief executive is really generous: handing out RMB 10, 000 like that. Nothing like that's every happened before.' But some were calculating carefully, 'We have 40 police working here, so RMB 10,000 works out at 250 yuan. 250? That's pathetic. Are we police really so stupid?'

In the investigation room at the police station, Yao Ping’s boyfriend Lian Jie was crying, beating his breast and stamping his feet in deep grief. 'How could such a horrible thing happen? Who was so cruel? Pingping was such a good girl: everyone in the hospital appreciated her. Pingping, I am so sorry about that night we had dinner together at the restaurant outside the hospital gate. I asked her if she had handed in the apartment application or not. She said no. The hospital will assign apartments, and she has more seniority that me, enough to get a one-bedroom apartment. I really hoped we could get an apartment before getting married, but she said one bedroom was too small. She wanted to wait until we could get a larger one, and told me to be patient. She assured me that she would get a good apartment before we marry. I thought she was playing games, so I lost my temper and threw the bowl in my hand to the ground. Who was to know that when she went on night duty.... PingPing, if I'd only known in time, I..' Lian Jie was hitting his head with his fist.

'Did Yao Ping have any other admirers? Any ex-boyfriends?' Wei An asked

'Not in Yuanshan that I know of. She had a boyfriend at university, but broke up with him when he went abroad after graduation.'

'Did she fall out with any colleagues or patients?'

'No, she had good relations with everyone.'

'Did you have a girlfriend before? Is there anyone you've had a run-in with?'

'Before I met Pingping, someone introduced a girlfriend to me. But after a couple of dates, we broke up. I haven't offended anyone in the hospital. There are some people I don't like, but I've never fought with them.'

While questioning Lian Jie, Wei An was observing him carefully, especially the expression in his eyes. He tried to think of Lian Jie as a suspect, and identify suspicious points concerning him. Could it really be a coincidence that she was killed just after they quarreled? Lian Jie was tall and strong, and it would be all too easy for him to kill a small and thin woman.

But already their investigation didn't support this theory. Lian Jie was an upright and honest guy, and he was the best surgeon in hospital. He had been with Yao Ping for years, and their relationship was quite stable. He didn't have any close friends in the hospital. One shortcoming was that he was a bit narrow-minded; sometimes, even a joke among colleagues would annoy him. He was 178cm tall with a broad and strong body. His shoe size was 27cm, which didn't accord with the profile of the suspect.

Wei An didn't give up. He asked the hospital to give Lian Jie a chance to run. One night when Lian Jie was on duty, an emergency notice was sent to him that emergency room was short of hands and he was needed to help to carry a patient from the gate of the hospital. While he was running to the gate, Wei An and the witness were secretly observing. The witness said, 'No no it's not him. Didn't I say that? The person running by the pit that night was a woman. It's different from a man's way of running!'

Lian Jie’s lack of time and motivation were the main reasons Wei An finally excluded him. In the evening of September 19, after throwing down his bowl in the restaurant, Lian Jie had seen Yao Pin cry and walk through the gate of the hospital. Afterwards, he had come across the hospital accountant Wang Lizhu. She asked where he was going, and he replied that he was going home. Wang Lizhu saw that he was quite upset, then asked him if he just quarreled with Yao Ping. He said yes, and Wang Lizhu comforted him. After saying good bye to Wang, he went to drink at a friend's place instead of going home directly. His friend and his friend's wife and small son all testified that he hadn't left until 11 pm.

'What time did you meet Wang Lizhu?' Wei An asked

'Around 7:30.'

'What was she wearing?'

'I think it was a brown shirt.'

'What shoes then?'

'Shoes.. let me think. I seem to remember they were sandals, black, quite simple and with foamed soles.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes. That day was the 16th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar. The sky was very bright, and where we were standing wasn't far from the streetlamp. Oh yes, when I took out my lighter to have a smoke, I dropped it by her feet. When I bent over to pick it up, she stepped backwards a bit. I glanced at her feet, and it seemed like she wasn't wearing stockings.'

'Did she say where she was going?'


'In which direction did she go?'

'Towards our hospital.'

At lunch, Wei An sat besides Jiang Shuiqing. 'Qingqing, how is it going on your side?'

'Not as smoothly as with you guys.. I have checked all her contacts and excluded all the males. But I've identified five female potential suspects.' ''Is one of them an accountant called Wang Lizhu?'


'Why is she on your list?'

'Her figure, height and shoe size are close to the features of the suspect. Besides, two months before she died, Wang Lizhu returned a 2, 000-Yuan receipt for medical equipments to Yao Ping, asking her to get a new one since the receipt wasn't in the proper format. Yao Ping took the receipt and tried to exchange it at the store, but the store claimed that it was not the original one. They even took out their receipts to let her compare for herself. Yao Ping also had a feeling this was not the original receipt she'd given to Wang Lizhu, but Wang Lizhu insisted that it was. After that, the rumor of Yao Ping handing in a fake receipt went all round the hospital. Yao Ping felt wronged, and took the receipt to all the shops in Yuanshan district to try and identify where it had come from. However, none of them said they had issued the receipt, and so the receipt was not reimbursed, and when searching through her possessions after her death, that receipt was not found. Hey why do you ask? Do you also find Wang Lizhu suspicious?'

'Yes. After Lian Jie quarreled with Wang Lizhu, he happened to run into Wang Lizhu. Just as you say, her figure, height and shoe size are close to the suspect's profile. According to Lian Jie, the clothes she was wearing that night were a close match, too. And she was probably the only one who knew about Yao Ping and Lian Jie quarreling. Yao Ping was quite introverted: she wasn't likely to have told others about quarreling with her boyfriend.'

'Yes, we should thoroughly investigate Wang Lizhu. Captain Wang, how far have you got with the footprint? Jiang Shuiqing had seen Wang Jing coming over with his tray. Just when Wang Jing was about to answer however, Sun Mei's loud voice cut in: 'Shoes! Shoes! Big bargains! If you don't buy here you'll never get another chance.'

Sun Mei and Big Jin came in, carrying several shoe boxes, followed by Guo Xiaojing and Xie Dacheng. These four had been to more than 40 stores and shoe factories, and finally identified the shoe that had made the suspicious print. It was a women''s sandal with cow leather vamp and foamed sole which was new to the market that summer. It came in 4 colors: black, white, maroon and grey. The factory was based in Fengtai, Beijing, and the total production volume had been 35,000. Every store in An Ping city had them in stock. 320 pairs had been delivered to Yuanshan district, and 206 been sold. Lian Jie rooted through sandals of various styles, and finally took a black leather vamped and foamed-soled one, 'It's this one. Exactly the one Wang Lizhu was wearing that night.'

After Lian Jie had identified the shoe, Jiang Shuiqing questioned him for a while about that business with the receipt. Lian Jie confirmed that Yao Ping had discussed the matter with him. She hadn't been able to understand: she did get the receipt from that store, so how come it had turned out to be fake after Wang Lizhu took it. Jiang Shuiqing said, 'We searched her office and home, but couldn't find that receipt. Did she give the receipt to you?' Lian Jie said, 'Definitely not. Pingping was conscientious and organized about things. While the issue of the receipt was still unresolved, there's no way she would have given the receipt to me, or just put it down somewhere. Anyway, she always said I am too careless.'

Wang Lizhu was the only one in hospital who wore that kind of shoe. But although the hospital secretly made arrangements to try and obtain a print, Wang Lizhu didn't wear those sandals again. As a last resort, Jiang Shuiqing pretended to be a salesperson from an insurance company and went to Wang Lizhu's home, trying to persuade her husband to buy her insurance. When she entered their home, she looked at the shoe racks by the door but didn't see the shoes. Wang Lizhu's husband said gloomily, 'She's just said she wants to divorce me, so why should I buy her insurance.'

After Jiang Shuiqing left Wang Lizhu's home, she went to question two friends of Wang's husband to get to try and find out why they were divorcing. When she was ready to return to the bureau, it was already dark. At first Jiang Shuiqing thought to go back by bus, but she then changed her mind and decided to walk back.

She wanted to get to the bottom of a mystery: who was the figure who had been secretly following her recently, and why? She walked on the road for a while before entering the residential compound. Unlike in the city, there were few people on the street when it got dark, and almost none after about 9 or 10 pm. Of course, after the murder of Yao Ping, this was even more the case.

After walking for a while between the buildings, there was no sign of anything unusual. Jiang Shuiqing thought that maybe her follower hadn't noticed her today. Just as she was thinking this, she was walking towards another building with three gates. After passing two of the gates, she heard some commotion approaching her. A dark shadow scurried from one of the gates, caught up with her in a few steps, and with a wooden stick in its hand swung at her head mercilessly.

Jiang Shuiqing was still on the alert, even though she hadn't noticed her shadow approaching. After passing the first 2 gates she clearly heard the movement behind her. As the figure swung at her with both hands, she dodged and the stick didn't hit her. Jiang Shuiqing kicked hard at that figure, and the stick dropped down. The figure ran away.

Jiang Shuiqing went back to the police with the stick, which was found to be the handle of a pickaxe. 'Who was he, this person who had set on her so ruthlessly?' Jiang Shuiqing was racking her brains to recall the features of her assailant. She was sure that it was male. Apart from his thin build, tall figures, and nimble movement, she hadn't been able to get any clear impression of him. The technician told Jiang Shuiqing that there were only her palm prints and finger prints on the stick left on the stick. 'That is a resourceful and experienced criminal who hasn't left any traces.'

After Sun Mei heard what had happened, she slapped her thigh, ' Jiang Shuiqing, why didn't you tell me earlier? I've also encountered the black shadow a couple of times, and once I almost caught him. But he still ran away.' Jiang Shuiqing asked about that guy's features. Sun Mei said, 'He was male, thin and tall .He ran faster than rabbits.'

Meanwhile, all the old ladies in Yuanshan district's residential committees were being called into action. The old ladies enthusiastically searched every corner of their living communities: none of the big or small stones that the senior citizens sat on to bask in the sun were found to be missing. The security guards for each building were also unable to declare any of the stones that people loved to sit on to be gone, and the joint defense team similarly drew a blank after searching public venues such as markets, bus stops, parks and stadiums

After one week's searching in vain for the stone, people started gossiping that the criminal investigators were weird since they didn't seek the murderer but a stone. There were not many murderers in Yuanshan area but stones everywhere.

Yuanshan District was located among mountains, and had the characteristic features of mountain areas. There were hills everywhere, as well as refineries, rubber factories, carpet factories, and polyester factories along with many apartment buildings built up on the hills. There were almost no flat roads in this areas but many slopes, so it was not surprising that there were a lot of stones.

After breakfast one morning, Madame Hao living in Western Circle Community lifted the cover of her big jar outside her home. Such jars were to be found in the corridors of almost every building in Yuanshan area. Half of the workers were from Fushun Refinery. People from Northeastern China ate pickles every winter, and such jars were indispensable for preserving them. To preserve pickles, the cabbage had to be fermented in clean water. As cabbages would swell when fermenting, a big stone was required to press on it. A family with a big jar outside was undoubtedly from the Northeast. The bigger the jar, the more people the family had.

After Madame Hao lifted the cover she noticed something strange: where were the wires? She remembered clearly that she had put them inside. In Summer and Autumn when the jar was left unused, Madame Hao put sundries such as empty bottles, cans, and old electricity wires in there. Now Madame Hao just happened to want to find the black electricity cable. She had recently taken down the washing line on her balcony and wanted to replace it with the cable. Madame Hao didn't think anyone from home would have taken it, could it be that it was stolen?

She checked carefully to see what else was missing and surprisingly found that the big stone that she used to compress the cabbage was also gone. Now she was mad: someone had definitely stolen them. She lived on the first floor and so her stuff was easy pickings. As Madame Hao was short-tempered, she stepped out of the building gate and shouted:

'Who is so lacking in morals, they would even steal a stone and old wires from me? Who is it? If you needed them I could give them to you. Why steal?' People gathered around at once when they heard her shouting like this, and the director of the residents' committee Madame Zhou came as well to see what was happening.. She discovered Madame Hao had lost a stone. Madame Zhou was pretty sensitive to the word 'stone' after days of searching for them. She quickly dragged Madame Hao back into her room, and drove away the onlookers away. 'It's ok, it's ok. Go, go !'

Madame Zhou closed the door and asked Madame Zhou, 'So what's the matter?' Madame Hao told her.

Zhou asked: 'How big is that stone? What is the shape of it? How many years did you use it? When did you put it in the jar?'

'Director Zhou, you just saw the jar, right? It can contain a person. Everyone here knows that there are a lot of people in my home, that's why we have a big jar and that's why we have a big stone, otherwise the pickles won't be pressed hard enough and won't taste good. My son got this stone last year from the flowerbed down at his his mother-in-law's apartment. She lived in the West community near here. I asked him to get me a big stone since there used to be two small ones here and they couldn't press the pickles tight. When it was nearly winter last year, he carried one home. It was really good: big and smooth. My son said old people had sat on it to bask the sun. Director Zhou, we used it for a whole winter and we got really good pickles. After we finished all the pickles, I carefully brushed it and put it in the jar. That stone was shining.'

'Old sister, when did you see the stone last time?'

'I remember I saw it there the day my grandson went back to school after summer vacation.'

'Old sister, is it this one?' Zhou took out two pictures. One was of the stone, and the other was the black wires. Madame Hao took the pictures and looked at them carefully:

'Hey it seems that is the one. Let me check it again. Hey how come my big stone is on the picture? Seems like the wires were mine, too. My son got them from his car factory when they were replaced, and they were stained with blue paint. I can't see clearly whether there is blue on it or not. Director Zhou, what is this about?'

Madame Zhou stood up and patted Madame Hao's shoulder. 'Old sister, don't shout and don't worry. Those two might be related to the "919" case. Please think about it, who would take these two?'

Afterwards the technician from criminal investigation team examined the big jar for a while but didn't find any traces of the thief. He took some pictures and left.

Yang Li went back to the criminal investigation team with dischevelled hair and a dirty face. Sun Mei teased: 'You just crawled out of the dog house, huh?'

Yang Li came closer, smiling cheekily. 'Big sister, I have discovered the secret of landmines.'

'Get out'! Stay away from me! You stink.'

Sun Mei stepped backwards. A team member shouted, 'Yang Li, don't get on her nerves, or Da Jin will beat you up.'

Yang Li blinked at Sun Mei, 'You don't want to know? Well then, I won’t tell you.'

'Well, tell.' Sun Mei wanted to listen.

'Then I will tell only you.' Yang Li said. He signalled for Sun Mei to come nearer to him. Sun Mei advanced. Yang Li got close and whispered, 'Don't pull the string until you see the Japs, hahahaà.' As he was to run away, Sun Mei grabbed him tight, 'I knew you were so bad. I am telling you, my teacher just taught me a new kung- fu method: split legs. You want me to try with your head?'

As Sun Mei was about to flex her leg, Yang Li began begging, ' Big sister, please. My melon head can't put up with your iron leg.'

In recent days, Yang Li had become a scavenger with a woven bag in his left hand and an iron hook in the other. The reason Yang Li was dressing like a scavenger had been inspired by Wang Jing: Wang Jing saw the stone, which others had overlooked, as central to the case. The murderer had planned to kill Yao Ping for a long time, but had wanted to kill her without letting others know it, so the pit was the perfect place to hide the corpse. Captain Wang carefully checked the site and there was not a second big stone. There was no stone available around the pit to sink the corpse, so the stone must have been carried from somewhere else and this action might have been seen.

Who would be the likely people to see it? Scavengers. Only scavengers would visit such places. There was a big garbage dump by the pit. Besides dead babies, they also threw away paper boxes, expired medicines, dirty sheets, patients' uniforms and various food including unopened packages of nutritious food and health snacks.

Yang Li admired Captain Wang Jing, and thought he was the best detective in China. No matter how confusing the cases were, he could found out the main theme very quickly, just like arranging a ball of hemp. Take the "9 19" case as an example, while others were still lost in a fog, he had quickly made his analysis and judgment; what's more, his analyses were usually proved to be true. Yang Li secretly made up his mind to emulate him and reach his level as a detective who could foretell like a prophet.

Yang Li went wandering around the pit. Whenever he saw a scavenger, he would ask them like an old acquaintance questions such as: 'What time do you usually come here?' 'What time does hospital throw their garbage here?' 'Are people who threw rubbish here male or female?' and 'Did you ever come across anything weird?'

Finally after he'd given some treasure he himself found in a rubbish dump to a shabby elderly lady, he got some information from her. She said, 'It was when there were still a lot of mosquitoes. I didn't feel very well that afternoon, so didn't feel like going far. I searched and found nothing in the rubbish dump. It was almost the end of the work day at the hospital, and usually the time when they throw out their rubbish. I thought I should wait for a while, in case someone threw out the rubbish.

'I sat in the shade of the trees by the path on the northern side of the pit, because people who throw out the rubbish usually pass there, so I would know it when they came. I gradually fell asleep though, and after I woke up there was no sound at all. I thought I'd better get up, or else the dogs would eat me as a dead. When it's dark, dogs always come here to search for food, and an old guy was bitten by a dog before. When I was about to sit up, a figure appeared on the path, with something in their arms. I didn't want to scare them so I stayed quiet.

'She came to the pit and the thing she was carrying fell on the ground. She bent over, for a while and then left. When she left she was short of breath and gasping.. I hurried to the pit, and turned on the flashlight to see what she'd thrown down there. There was no garbage but just a big stone. I sat on the stone for awhile and left.'

The water in the pit was being drained, and two technicians were staring at where Yao Ping had been thrown into the pit. Wang Jing told them to keep an eye out for anything rope-like.. When they could see the mud at the bottom, one technician noticed a yellow rubber tube, the type that is tied on patients' arms when drawing blood. They searched for suspicious stuff in the mud, trying not to be be defeated by the stinky smell. After two hours, they finally found a broken gold necklace.

Lian Jie held the necklace in both his hands and cried, 'I gave it to her on her birthday this March. It is 18 carat gold. 'I said on that day that I would buy her a 24 carat pure gold one when I had the money.'

A thin tall guy standing outside the lab window wanted to see laboratory technician Lin Ying. Lin Ying came to the window and asked who wanted her. The tall guy said it was him. Lin Ying was secretly startled by his appearance.. There was a long dark red scar on his left face, extending from the tip of the brow to the cheek. The expression in his eye was evil.

'You’ve got the wrong person. I don’t know you,' Li Ying said.

'No, it’s you! Ms. Li Ying, I saw you that night.' His voice was low and it sounded murky.

'Who are you? How do you know me? Go away or I will get security!' Lin Ying was nervous.

'Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. Maybe I will help you in the future. Bye.' Then the scar-faced man left.